Work Work Work Work Work

Need an email sequence or maybe a sales page written? Talk to me.

Need to launch? I’ve got your back.

Need monthly writing? I’ve got packages.

Need to add in Facebook ads? We’re a one-stop shop.

Easy like Sunday morning - that’s what we’re talking about.


One-Off Projects

Have words, will wield them into converting copy that sells for your email sequences, opt-in pages, long-form sales pages, webinars, website and blogs.

Complete Launch Packages

You’ve spent days, maybe even weeks, putting together an incredible offer that is the piece de resistance of your business. Now all you need to do is release it out into the world and watch as customers hungrily gobble it up. Or, that’s the hope…of course, there is a whole other swack of work that needs to happen before you think about opening that cart to the sweet, sweet sound of ‘ka-ching’! And that’s the launch sequence, requiring a whole lot ‘o copy and perfectly positioned persuasion. If just the though of all. that. writing. is causing you to break into an cold sweat that would make the Wight Walkers shiver, relax. Our Launch & Loaded Package takes care of all your launch copy needs (ALL of them). Check this big boy out:

  • Optin Page

  • Thank you Page

  • 3 authority setting blog posts

  • Sales Page

  • 60 done for you social media updates

  • Email funnel

  • 1 on 1 launch strategy session

  • 1 on 1 sales strategy session

All for only $5000.

Want your Facebook ads for launch included? Our package add-on includes:

  • Lead Generation campaign (10 - 14 days)

  • Re-targeting campaign

  • Pixels Installed

  • Targeting Groups created

  • Ad set up

  • Reporting

$2000 (4 - 6 week campaign, does not include ad spend)

Monthly Retainers

Now you may be asking, "why a retainer, Larissa?" and that's a great question! Retainers give you the benefit of regular work to build your brand and marketing, as opposed to paying more for one-off projects. I also sit down with you to create a strategic plan of attack (which I don't do for on-off projects) so you'll have a clear roadmap of what we'll need to accomplish over the next three months to hit your goals.

Strategic planning, less cost and less time required from you. What's not to love!?

The monthly fee covers the time I spend writing for you, meeting with you, creating the right hooks and persuasive hot buttons, researching, answer emails/messages/ phone calls, creating a strategy for your communications and updating progress reports. 

Our monthly unused words can be rolled into other larger pieces of content in the same month (ie if you needed a killer long-form sales page or an email sequence instead of other pieces of content). 

Content includes:

  • Articles

  • Blog posts (on your website or blog)

  • Email campaigns (2 emails = one piece of content)

  • Facebook ad copy

  • Landing Pages

  • Press Releases

  • Short form Sales Pages (long form are not covered under retainer)

  • Service descriptions

  • Speaker bios

  • Website copy

  • retainers are for a 3 month minimum as allows us to learn more about your business and fine-tune your messaging

3000 words a month - $1500

6000 words a month - $2500

9000 words a month - $3500


Need ads but don’t want to piecemeal it together yourself? We can include your Facebook ad campaigns as an add-on to our other services.

Lead Generation campaign, retargeting, pixels installed, research & targeting groups create, ad set up, reporting - $1500 per month