Larissa Banting

Words That Woo


Wordsmithing…With a Twist

Well, hello there! A big “gracias” for stopping by our little neck of the Interwebs. Grab a bevvie (I’m partial to gin & tonic with lime), settle in and have a look-see.

We’re all about words. Big words, small words and words that make you do a double take. Words that woo. Words that entertain and educate.

Words that sell.

If you need some finely crafted consonants, vowels and paragraphs, you’re in the right spot.


Not Just Another Copywriter

No sirree Bob, or Tom or Mary. While I’m hopelessly enamoured with writing, I bring a whole bag of other party tricks to the proverbial table (set with my best china as you’re guests and all), including marketing, publicity, journalism and advertising.

Launching an offer? Perfect. I’ve got you covered with everything you need from opt-in copy to long-form sales page to webinar scripts and social media posts. But what sets me apart is my strategy sessions where we’ll sit down and create the roadmap to success for you launch. Heck, I can even run the Facebook ads for you and set up your Messenger Bot for off the chart open rates (and conversions).

Need monthly writing services, like blog posts and newsletters? All in my bailiwick (isn’t that a fun word? I’ve got a tonne of ‘em). Let me take care of creating your copy so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.