Hello, hola, bonjour 


I’m larissa banting. And I write.

Words have always been my passion and my playmates from an early age, when I would create stories and a complete guidebook to the culture of Pookinland, a made-up land suspiciously similar to a mashup of various East European countries and Baltic States (hey, my parents worked with ethnic groups so write what you know). After winning a poetry contest in Grade 4, I knew writing was going to be a ‘thing’.

Fast forward to university, where I was the only undergraduate to have my research papers published in an academic journals. A few twists and turns of Fate down the road and I found myself penning a weekly Dance column in arts magazines (SEE and Vue). One jete later and I was working with Alberta Ballet in marketing and public relations, then the Arden Theatre, Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival and a slew of television and film productions as a Unit Publicist.

In 2002, I left the wintry abyss of Edmonton for the sunnier climes of Costa Rica, where I opened the destination wedding planning firm, Weddings Costa Rica, which quickly grew to be the largest such firm in Central America.

Being the busy bee that I am (I blame it on being a Capricorn), I’ve also created The Lazy Bride brand and Screw the Hustle, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build a business, not busyness. As a small business owner and internet marketer, I understand first hand the insanity that goes into creating courses, programs, offers and launches, building funnels, up-sells, down-sells and all around the town sells. I’m not just another copywriter but someone who’s been in the Internet trenches and intimately understands the battle for customers’ hearts, minds and wallets.

Fun Facts

I’m a Certified Email Marketing Specialist, meaning I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to get you higher open and click through rates.

I’m Accredited in Public Relations by the Canadian Public Relations Society (which was a MONSTROUS year-long examination and only a handful of participants pass each year so I’m quite chuffed about this).

Author of Costa Rica - The Bradt Guide, an award-winning travel guide and the first about Costa Rica to be translated into Russian.

Award-winning producer of The Big Table, one of the Top 10 Canadian Short Films of 2001.

Wrote and produced radio and television commercials.


Past & present clients

  • Bombay Sapphire Gin

  • Bunch of Animals underwear brand

  • Travels and Bubbles agency

  • health & wellness coaches

  • 7-figure business coaches

  • Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival

  • Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards

  • Alberta Ballet

  • CBC Television

  • CTV Network

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