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When Larissa Banting creates chatbots with personality for her company BizzyBots, she favors self-deprecating humor. Banting also shies away from religion and politics. As an example of a widely-used chatbot that she believes strikes an appropriate balance, Banting points to Poncho—a chatbot that delivers the weather with a humorous tone.

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Depending on the complexity and size of the tent, it can take days to properly set one up. That's why Larissa Banting of Weddings Costa Rica recommends fully committing to your rain tent regardless of the forecast, assuming that your venue doesn't have an interior space you can use. "Even smaller tents can take hours, enough time for the forecast to change so my recommendation is to err on the side of caution and have the tent ready to go," she says. COVERAGE



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It’s alarming how many guests simply don’t return an RSVP card. Couples base the entire day on their guest count so it really is unacceptable to turn up without notice. “Send your RSVP in as soon as possible,” advises Larissa Banting, wedding specialist and creator of The Lazy Bride Blog.


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Weddings in Westeros aren’t known for being theBest Day Ever!that so many couples aspire towards. Mass murders, poisonings, duels to the death, forced marriages for political gain - none were what we’d call “blog-worthy” (unless you’re writing forMercenary Weekly). Despite their bloodshed, these failed celebrations do offer some useful lessons to those of us planning weddings outside the the Seven Kingdoms.



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Launching a wedding planning company for the first time would have made most sense in her own backyard of Toronto, Canada. Unless you know Larissa. During the summer of 2001, she trekked with an Alberta-based film production company to Costa Rica and fell in love with Roberto Leiva, a Costa Rican actor. A year later she moved to be with him and in 2003 they married.


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“Costa Rica es el principal país para las bodas de destino en la región, seguido por Belice y Nicaragua”, explicó Larissa Banting, presidenta de la Asociación de Bodas Internacionales y propietaria de Weddings Costa Rica.
La empresa, fundada en 2002, ha realizado cerca de 600 bodas, la mayoría de estadounidenses, seguidos por europeos.