Three Business Lessons from Game of Thrones


Jon Snow may know nothing, but savvy biz owners can learn a lot from the errors of Winterfell’s armies

Like many of you, I’m crazy for Game of Thrones. And really, who can blame us? Biggest TV production of all time, great cast and locations and dragons. Who doesn’t love a good dragon?

While GOT is a work of fiction, there are some pretty rich life and business lessons being served up like a hot slice of Pigeon Pie.

Here, then, are three lessons from the Long Night episode of Game of Thrones that can be applied to business:

1) Never send out your best stuff into an unknown situation.
Without the slightest attempt at reconnaissance, all the Dothraki rode out into the darkness to meet the army of the Wight Walkers. They were literally fighting blind.
Result — none returned.
Biz lesson — do your homework before heading out to meet your clients. Know where they’re at (both in their journey and where to find them) and what tools you’ll need to win them over.

2) Always have a Plan A, B and C.
Plan A was to have the two dragons light the trench surrounding Winterfell to keep the Wight Walkers from entering. That didn’t work thanks to the clouds brought in by the Night King, creating zero visibility. Moving onto Plan B, flaming arrows were shot into the trenches. That plan literally fizzled out. Scrambling, they desperately tried Plan C, running to the trenches with lit torches, only to be attached by Wight Walkers. Just when things were looking dim (pun intended), the Red Witch sauntered out and used her magic to finally fire them up, just in the nick of time.
Biz lesson — always have back up plans. This includes having money saved for 6 months of operating costs, having all your files backed up properly, having systems & documentation in place so any change in personnel isn’t going to throw your biz into disarray and not relying on one channel for your leads/ads (remember the meltdown a couple of months ago when Facebook had a temper tantrum?). Diversify and plan for SNAFUs.

3) Simple is often the most effective.
The armies of humans had built elaborate traps, a huge trench, catapults, had horsemen, two dragons, archers and Dragonglass swords yet what won the battle (and ultimately, the war) was a girl with a dagger. 🗡️
Biz lesson — KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Building a labyrinth of complicated systems, funnels with 10 steps or putting out a gazillion offers is usually counter-productive. Simple, straight forward and easy to use wins over complicated and complex every day. Think about your customer — a confused mind doesn’t buy. Take a look at your funnel with fresh eyes. Is it easy to see exactly what the offer is within a few seconds? Is it clear what this is a solution to? Is it easy to purchase?

As entrepreneurs, we may not be fighting hordes of the undead but effective
strategies will keep us telling the God of Business Death “not today”

Larissa Banting