How to Create Proposals That Wow and Win


Here's a tactic that I've been using this past year and I've got to tell you, it has made a huge difference with my closure rate. It's very simple and I'm kicking myself that I didn't know about this earlier because I feel like it's put my business into another realm. Today, we're talking BetterProposals and Loom.

Your proposal is your calling card. This is where your client is going to make the decision if they're going to move forward and pay you or if they're going to work with somebody else. Your proposal is something that is so important because it literally will make or break your bottomline so anything you can do to give yourself that leg up is crucial.

How to stand out in a crowd of boring proposals? Easy.

First of all, there's an app that I use called BetterProposals. Essentially, it creates a website as your proposal (how's that for standing out). You can have various templates that you customize, so if you've got different aspects to your business (ie  you're a consultant, maybe doing marketing, maybe doing ads) you can have exactly what you need for each area of your biz. Once the template is set,  just customize for your potential client. To the client, it seems like you've created a website just for their proposal. Impressive!

Who do you think would be the winner for somebody when they've received a ton of Word docs versus this beautiful custom made website, with photos and statistics and customer testimonials from other clients? Don't you think that that is going to raise the bar and they're going to put you in a totally different field than everybody else? Absolutely. You get a chance to talk about your accomplishments, awards, successes, share some past client love, all the while showing how you took the time to focus on them. You're cementing in their minds that you are the expert and they'd be crazy to not hire you.

The proposal is Step One.

Step Two is where the real "wow" factor takes it to the nth degree - Loom, a free app that sits on your chrome extension. After I've created the proposal, I then open Loom and film the screen and myself speaking so they can put a face to the name. Making that connection with your potential client is going to feel like they know you, then like you and trust you so that they want to work with you.

What do I do? I just walk through the proposal with them. I go through every single page and let them know what's there and why it's there. When I get to the actual proposal itself, I get into more depth about what I'm proposing, with far more depth than what I could do on a document.

Why does this work so well?

Because it's doing something that nobody else is doing. First, they're getting a personalized website as a proposal, showing you've taken the time to create something just for them beyond a Word doc. Second, you've created a video just for them. What's going through their mind when they see this?  "Wow, this person has taken all this time to explain what they're thinking of, what their proposal is about, how they're going to help my business." You're showing them how incredible your customer service and attention to detail. is If this person is looking at six different proposals, whose proposal is going to make them feel like they're in the best of hands?

There is one verrrry important step to include at the end of all this and that is the Next Step. Don't leave the client hanging, wondering what to do next after they've just fallen head over Louboutins for you. Take charge and walk them through the process, which would be something like:

a) Set up a meeting by clicking on your scheduler (I highly recommend Acuity)

b) Send the contract

c) Send the invoice for the retainer,

d) Send the onboarding documents

e) Work work work work work (to paraphrase Rhianna)

Explaining the next step is something I see so many people forget about. You've walked them through the proposal, talked about who you are and why they need to work with you. Don't just drop it there! People want to know what to do next and nobody wants to try to figure it out on their own. It may seem like a little thing but it has a huge impact.

And that's it. Your secret tactic to wow your customers and close more business than you ever thought possible. The key is BetterProposals for jaw-dropping proposals, followed by a walkthrough using Loom and finishing up by laying out exactly what needs to happen next to make those dollas hollah!

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Larissa Banting